so what’s your favorite bird?

all birds

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    Los periquitos
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    I have so many!! Potoos, several birds of paradise, gold finches, wood ducks, sand pipers, puffins, rhoas… but robins,...
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    A bluetit, they are so cute and small! They are fat in the winter ;)
  6. helsic said: Parrots!!! I love all kind of parrots and ducks!
  7. lady-halibuts-chambers said: Carolina wren
  8. thedorianmode said: QUETZAL
  9. magicalgirldanagoro said: cockatiels and indian ringnecks, oh and parrotlets!
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    All of them.
  11. parthelus said: Gyrfalcon
  12. datastreammonster said: Definitely Eastern Rosellas! they’re like fabulous rainbow budgies but bigger and so cute and aaaa
  13. dariathedevil said: cockatiels!
  14. sulidaesy said: As my URL would suggest, the birds in the Sulidae family! Particularly the Blue Footed Booby and Northern Gannet!
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  16. lonelyassassin said: english robins
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  18. shy-bird said: Hummingbirds
  19. atomicbob93 said: The Budgerigar of course! Such sassy little birds.
  20. tekym said: Ordinarily I’d say owls of any kind, but I just discovered the hoatzin on Wikipedia.
  21. silverkestrel said: So many, too many! But I’ll go with American kestrels right now.
  22. sleepanddream said: white-rumped vulture! actually most vultures! they look kinda like turtles and when they run you can imagine them going “heh heh heh heh” with each step!
  23. winterwithers said: Chickadee!
  24. cepheus-starhowl said: Secretary Birds *o*
  25. home2montana said: Northern Flicker!
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  27. thearbiter said: Lovebird!
  28. thegrish said: Hummingbirds, but I love all the birds
  29. flyeyedspiderbob said: CROWS
  30. dedingles said: steller’s sea eagle :>
  31. velvet-crown said: Swallows, Cranes and Peacocks!
  32. angririku said: Penguins
  33. ahogeiba said: baltimore oriole hands down
  34. thelobstermobster said: magpie!!
  35. dio-husbrando said: secretary bird
  36. burdbrain said: secretary bird!
  37. pilotu said: Doves! As well as owls and chickens.
  38. punkylemon said: Fairy wrens :3
  39. lithharbor said: kookaburra
  40. sidelley said: Ducks and tits!